New Year, New Colors

It’s that time of year when we’re all thinking about the changes we want to make in our lives; working  more, working less, losing weight, getting organized or quitting a bad habit. An innovative solution to your endeavors could very well be color; an ingenious way to improve mood, health and stamina, while simultaneously freshening dated decor.

  • Would you like to be more active but you find yourself lacking the motivation to start? Paint your walls a shade of red. Red is an intense color promoting strong emotions and energy.
  • Or maybe your goal is the exact opposite; your life feels like a stressful, never ending to-do list. Blue would be the color for you. Reminiscent of nature’s beautiful sky and bodies of water, the color blue induces peace and tranquility by actually producing a chemical change in your body, calming us almost instantly.
  • Struggling with weight? Yellow has been shown to help speed up our metabolism!


Ask us about the psychology of colors and put colors to work for you as a benefical instrument ensuring 2016 is your best year yet!

Happy Painting!






Hiring Painting Contractors

Hiring any sort of Contractor can be a tricky ordeal at times. Many contractors tend to be the utilitarian type; prizing productivity, often times at the expense of the details.

Here are a few tips to help sift through the well-intentioned, but sloppy contractors:

  • Always ask for proper licensing and validate its active status through your local county contractors certification department.
  • Request a Client Reference List.
  • Ensure your contractors Liability Coverage is sufficient to cover any unforeseen eventualities.
  • Ask specific questions about how they will perform your project and get it in writing!


Of course these won’t guarantee you will find a gem of a contractor every time, but these steps will certainly go a long way towards preventing an undesirable entanglement with a poor one.

Here at ProEdge Painters, we provide an onsite Supervisor in charge of overseeing your project and ensuring you have contact with a professional who is on your side and will diligently ensure every detail is up to par.

Happy Painting!







Painting An Exterior Home: Materials Needed

Painting a Home’s Exterior can be fun, but with all its details, can quickly become an overwhelming project.
In my opinion, I would say the best thing you can do to facilitate Painting the Exterior of your home is ensure you have all of your materials and tools before beginning.
Here is a list of things you will need:

  •  drop cloths, yes even for outside
  • rags for inevitable cleanups
  •  paint roller frames, minimum 1 per color
  •  naps, (the fuzzy roller things) some thick for walls and some thinner for doors.
  •   angled brushes for clean lines
  •   masking tape
  •   masking paper
  •   blue painters tape
  •   caulk 950 thickness (dries faster)
  •   caulking applicator gun
  •   elastomeric stucco patch repair, knife or brush grade, texture or smooth finish
  •   ladders, different sizes
  •   pressure cleaner
  •   spatula or 5 in 1 tool
  •   5 gallon buckets
  •   5 gallon Heavy-Duty 4-Sided Mesh Grid
  •   Primer
  •   Paint for Walls, Trim, Fascia boards, Flashing and Doors


That’s quite a list, huh!? Prepare all your spaces and tools in an organized manner that makes sense to you. Trust me, creating a battle plan before getting started will keep you energized for the long task ahead!
We love helping with tips.  Feel free to call me, Damaris at 954-404-3383 with questions about tools, which materials you should use or any other questions!

Happy Painting!!